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What candidates are saying about SANS

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I’ve been with SANS since 2012 and it’s been a great ride with them. They look out for their Consultants in such a way no other companies do – timely paychecks, getting the max rate for the assignment, and last but not least nice (and beautiful) people to work with. Their good relationship with major banks ensures that you get the best possible opportunities that are both challenging and rewarding.
Wei F. Apr 2, 2014

Solution to the Recruiting Puzzle


SANS Recruiting Staff of 35 experienced IT recruiters at offices in NYC and New Jersey is the backbone of the company.   Many of SANS recruiters have advanced college degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems, Communication and Psychology. Some were programmers before switching careers to become recruiters.
SANS highly accomplished recruiters have completed SANS training regimen and are well qualified to search and process candidates for positions in several business verticals.

​​Armed with SANS' Proven Recruiting Methodology.

200,000 Candidate Database

Finding  Talent is an easier proposition if one has access SANS proprietary  200,000 Candidate Database complete with access to each candidate history and Test results. Our wide and specially targeted reach means more qualified candidates. Our intelligent enables software direct access to talented people within our vast internal database network.
SANS recruiting staff actively recruits new candidates and updates data on existing candidates so the information in the database is maintained current and the database is growing at the rate of 4.5% a month. 
Proprietary Technical Skills Testing and Screening site 
To employ consultants with the highest levels of technical expertise, SANS has created and used proprietary tests in a variety of IT skills, to screen potential candidates.  SANS maintains the tests and its Web enabled testing facility to keep up with the advances in programming languages, platform software, QA and project management methodologies

Exclusive Candidate Network

SANS gives its clients access to exclusive network of highly qualified professions that SANS recruiters developed in 20 years in the business.

National Coverage

SANS recruiters bring many years of experience working on numerous requirements New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Delaware, North Carolina, California, Ohio, Colorado