SANS IT recruiters

Solution to the Recruiting Puzzle

Quality does not happen by accident but is a result of a hard work of an exceptional Recruiting Team armed with unique tools unmatched by the competition: SANS In-house Candidate Testing Website, the in-house Database of over 200,000 IT professionals in the tri-state area, with technical skills of over 35,000 having been tested.  SANS reputation of excellence, financial security and principled business ethics have served to make SANS an unfailing resource.

SANS Recruiting Staff is the backbone of the company. Many of SANS recruiters have advanced college degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems, Communication and Psychology. Some were programmers before switching careers to become recruiters.SANS recruiters are each trained in their specialty area of technology.  Led by the Senior Technical Director, it is managed by the Manager of Recruiting for each team. SANS recruiters are divided into teams who back-up and support one another. The team leaders have several years of specialized experience in their areas of expertise, primarily C++ and Java.Other highly accomplished recruiters have completed SANS training regimen and are well qualified to search and process candidates for consultant positions.